Flat & Bound offers carefully selected posters and books on modernist design, architecture, and art topics to a wide audience at fair prices. Hidden away in archives, analogue testimonies cannot unfold their full effect. Enthusiasts have the opportunity to enhance and expand their own collections.

Over the past decades, I have been an avid collector of posters and books, sometimes coming upon treasures by chance in antiquarian bookshops or junk stores around the world. Others were exchanged with friends or were gifts, for example from the archive of my mentor Josef Müller-Brockmann (1914–1996). Flat & Bound probably offers the largest selection of posters by this master.

Rare and hard to find are also the posters of AG Fronzoni (1923–2002), whom I have admired since my early years as a graphic designer. His designs are hard to beat for radical clarity.

In addition to posters and books, we offer a large number of periodical publications such as magazines and catalogs. These are available as complete series or as individual issues to complete your own collection.

The chapter of ephemera is constantly growing: some of these small prints are available as individual items, others in compilations.

A brand new acquisition is a series of posters by a contemporary generation of graphic designers. In this section, we present the work of dedicated poster designers who are reinventing the techniques and practices of their pioneering ancestors.