Carlo Vivarelli (1919–1986) was the youngest among the editors of the magazine "Neue Grafik". He was also responsible for the rigorous design of the 18 issues. In addition, he distinguished himself as a designer of nationally known identity concepts and tried his hand as a painter in the constructive-concrete style.

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  • B217 Adolf Feller
    Der Mensch und das Licht
    (Design: Carlo Vivarelli)
    CHF 150.—
  • B318 Carlo Vivarelli
    Forme Nuove in Italia
    (Design: Carlo Vivarelli)
    CHF 50.—
  • B355 Hans Neuburg, Richard Paul Lohse
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    (Design: Carlo Vivarelli)
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  • B357 Kunstgewerbemuseum Zürich, Hans Fischli, Willy Rotzler
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  • P518 Carlo Vivarelli
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  • P519 Carlo Vivarelli
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