Carlo Vivarelli (1919-1986) was the youngest among the editors of the magazine "Neue Grafik". He was also responsible for the rigorous design of the 18 issues. In addition, he distinguished himself as a designer of nationally known identity concepts and tried his hand as a painter in the constructive-concrete style.–1965

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  • B217 Adolf Feller
    Der Mensch und das Licht
    (Design: Carlo Vivarelli)
    EUR 150.—
  • B318 Carlo Vivarelli
    Forme Nuove in Italia
    (Design: Carlo Vivarelli)
    EUR 50.—
  • B355 Hans Neuburg, Richard Paul Lohse
    Der Jubilar, der Zeichner und Aquarellist, der Kunstkritiker, der Publizist, der Grafiker
    (Design: Carlo Vivarelli)
    EUR 60.—
  • B357 Kunstgewerbemuseum Zürich, Hans Fischli, Willy Rotzler
    Konstruktive Grafik
    (Design: Carlo Vivarelli, Hans Neuburg)
    EUR 120.—
  • P518 Carlo Vivarelli
    Flums Grossberg
    EUR 1000.—
  • P519 Carlo Vivarelli
    für das alter, freiwillige spende
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  • P520 Carlo Vivarelli
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  • P521 Carlo Vivarelli
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    EUR 800.—
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