Flat & Bound presents a new collection of contemporary posters, which endeavors to showcase how the spirit of 20th century design masters lives on today. As a younger generation of poster designers is reinventing the techniques and practices of their pioneering ancestors, we aim to share a unique selection of their work with an international audience, with new poster series launched on a periodic basis.

The first series in this collection spotlights the work of Swiss designer and letterpress printer Dafi Kühne, enfant terrible of modern graphic design. In his workshop in Näfels/Glarus he puts over 30 tons of old letterpress printing equipment from the 1960s to contemporary use. Dafi's posters combine digital and analog design processes with handcrafted typesetting to create innovative results which express the opaque quality and artistic joy of letterpress printing.

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  • P627 Dafi Kühne
    Turboblock Nr. 8
    CHF 300.—
  • P628 Dafi Kühne
    Tipoteca 1–25
    CHF 200.—
  • P629 Dafi Kühne
    CHF 300.—
  • P630 Dafi Kühne
    Rice Architecture Spring 2024
    CHF 200.—
  • P631 Dafi Kühne
    CHF 300.—
  • P632 Dafi Kühne
    Typographic Disillusion
    CHF 300.—
  • P633 Dafi Kühne
    Typographic Detox
    CHF 200.—
  • P634 Dafi Kühne
    Stop Typographic Pollution
    CHF 200.—
  • P635 Dafi Kühne
    Kotzfrucht in der Zitrone
    CHF 200.—
  • P636 Dafi Kühne
    CHF 300.—
  • P637 Dafi Kühne
    Tunnel III
    CHF 200.—
  • P638 Dafi Kühne
    The worst is yet to come
    CHF 300.—
  • P639 Dafi Kühne
    Fuck Zoom Meetings
    CHF 300.—
  • P640 Dafi Kühne
    Die Absurdität des Moments (The Absurdity of the Moment)
    CHF 3000.—